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Big Bang Fanfiction ala the Warrior Princess
8th-Feb-2010 01:40 pm
Xena Big Bang Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Big Bang?

According to all the sources, it is a term that dates back to around 2006 when a group of authors from the Harry Potter fandom who all shipped Harry/Draco got together to write novel length fanfiction. Since then, the idea has been adapted to fit many fandoms, pairings, etc. This particular Big Bang is devoted to the Xena fandom.

What does signing up for this challenge mean for me?

The preliminary sign up is a commitment to attempt to write 15, 000 words by the deadline (for authors) or to create fanworks for said fiction by the deadline (artists). Official sing ups (for authors) are a commitment to: 1. turning in a polished version by the second deadline (August 30, 2010), 2. allowing us the exclusive rights to host the fic, and 3. allowing one or more artists to illustrate scenes of their choosing.

And why exactly do I need to bother with signing up twice?

Basically, the first wave of sign ups is just to see how many people are interested in committing to writing their fics, what sort of pairings, etc we are looking at. However, it is obvious that, throughout the course, we will have people who drop out due to RL reasons, or people who can not meet the minimum word count. This is why we have a second sign up. This second sign up is only for people who are definitely in the challenge with their rough drafts ready.

Why oh why do we have to have a minimum word count?

This point of this challenge is to create fiction that is longer than the typical one shot that you see everyday. The original Big Bang challenge had a 50, 000 word minimum. We've chosen a much smaller minimum for the sake of our sanity. :D

My fic isn't long enough/I don't think I can write that much!

So you've written a fic that's, say, 10, 000 words. Well, that's great. Unfortunately, it does not make you eligible for an artist or our archive. But don't worry. We can work with you to make your fic longer if you would like. Or you may drop out any time before the official sing ups.

If you are interested, but you aren't sure you can write 15, 000 words, go ahead and sign up in the preliminaries. You can always drop out if need be. But we will be posting encouragement and inspiration, so it never hurts to try. We will cheerlead you on, don't worry.

Actually, I like writing extra long fic. My last fic was 60, 000 words long, to be honest. So, do you have a maximum word limit?

No. There is none. Fics can be as much over the word minimum as you'd like. However, please keep in mind the due date.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of that deadline...

Yes, your fic needs to be done by the deadline. If you look at the timeline post, you will see that you have quite a long time to write your fic.

Actually, I have this really cute Xena/Gabrielle story that I'm working on. It has three chapters already posted. Can I just use that?

Sorry, no. All material for this challenge must be new and created for this challenge. Anything that has already been posted in any significant way is off limits. However, say you have a WIP on your hard drive that hasn't been posted anywhere that you want to use. Well, talk to a mod, and we'll see about letting you use that.

Damn. That Xena/Gabby story was really good to, I swear. Oh well, any other limitations?

As is stated in the rules, we do not allow RPF in this challenge. Other than that and making sure everything is properly warned for in your fiction header as well as making sure your fiction has to do with the Xenaverse, there are none.

So no Lucy Lawless/President Bush, okay? No Spongebob Square pants fanfiction, and make sure you warn for the porn. Yes? Yes.

So that means I can write whatever pairing I want?

Slash, het, femmeslash, Gabrielle/Squid, no pairing at all, etc are all allowed.

Can I write a crossover between Xena and Sponge Bob though?

Sure. Corssovers are allowed.

My writing sucks/I'm the best writer in the WORLD!

Either don't worry or good for you. Either way we have beta readers that will going over your work looking at your grammar, plot, characterization, etc. All fiction in this challenge will require a beta reader.

Me and my bff want to write a fic together!

Go ahead. We'd like to know if you are co-authoring, but you can definitely co-author if you'd like.

Oh! Oh! Can I write two fics?

You can, if you'd like. However, we'd like it if you focused on one fic at a time. Get one done really well, and then work on the second. The same rules and deadlines will apply to the second fic as well.

Uh oh. Beta readers.

Yes, you must have a beta reader. Authors can look over their work many times and still miss the obvious. Not to mention we highly doubt you are actually the best writer in the world. All fics must be beta read by another person that is not the author. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you and your beta don't see eye to eye on something, that's fine. Don't argue or bitch about it, okay? Take the time to give some honest consideration to your betas suggestions, and then you decide what to keep and what to change.

Honey, I'm an artist, not a writer. None of this even applies to me. What am I getting into?

As an artist (traditional or graphics) you are committing to at least one piece of artwork for your assigned fanfiction by the deadline.

What if I don't like the story you've assigned me and/or it doesn't inspire me?

When you sign up, you give us a list of what you like and what you don't. We will do our best to pair you off appropriately. If you aren't into femmeslash, then you won't get a story to create artwork that is all about Aphrodite/Gabrielle sexytimes.

If you really, really aren't inspired, we may be able to do some shuffling. But do try. We'll also be posting cheerleading posts and inspiration posts for you too.

Okay, so what kind of art are you looking for?

Traditional art (skteches, drawings), digital art (done in photoshop and the like), fanmixes, manips, banners, etc. are all acceptable art forms for the Big Bang challenge. We do expect high quality work so if you know you cannot draw, do not offer to do anything traditional. If you know your graphics work isn't up to par, then don't offer to do a manip. Be realistic about your talents. We want our writers to be happy with their artwork.

Great. But I'm not a writer or an artist. I'm a beta reader.

And we love you for existing. Every fic in this fest needs a beta reader to work with the author to keep spelling, grammar, formatting, characterization, etc up to par. Do not be afraid to offer your opinion on a fic. That is your job. If you see an author trying to turn Ares the God of War into a peace-loving sheep herder without some sort of explanation in the fic, then it is your job to tell them, that, no, that isn't how Ares would act. Be critical, but don't be hurtful and we are ace.

This FAQ will be updated as needed.
7th-Mar-2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Just found this comm but it seams awesome and as I'm a huge Xena fan, I hope to be able to sign up for later challenges. Not that I fully understand what it's about yet lol.
7th-Mar-2010 11:48 pm (UTC)
Official sing ups open in May, so you can sign up then if you want. :)

Depending on which portion you sign up for:

Authors are challenged to write 15,000 words of fanfiction for the series (it must be completed by the deadline). If you are planning to sign up for this portion of the challenge, then you can start working on a rough draft now. :)

Betas sign up so that they can edit the huge masses of fic that come out of these challenges.

And artists sign up (in whatever media they feel most comfortable), and they are assigned a story to make art for.

The end result is this huge bang of fanfiction that's all been edited and polished and has really nifty graphics/art to go along with it.

Hope that helps explain it! ♥
8th-Mar-2010 12:09 am (UTC)
Oo I would love to be an artist :O Gosh I can't wait, these sounds so exciting! ♥
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