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Big Bang Fanfiction ala the Warrior Princess
Quick Update 
22nd-Feb-2010 03:59 pm
Hey guys! Sign ups are looking good so far, but if you haven't told your friends and/or know somewhere you can pimp this challenge out, go ahead and do so! =D It would be a great help. You can use the banner in the user info or make your own. There's still a week left for sign ups in the prelim round.

Our current entrant count looks like this:

Authors: 6 (two are writing together making the estimated story count 5)
Artists: 3
Betas: 3

I wasn't expecting the biggest turn out so that's fine. But if we have any watchers who haven't signed up yet, and plan to, hurry up. :)

Sign ups will, of course, open up again later officially (for people who have successfully completed rough drafts).

I'll have more info for everyone once prelim sing ups close March 1. Happy drafting!
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