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Big Bang Fanfiction ala the Warrior Princess
8th-Feb-2010 01:40 pm
Preliminary Sign Ups Open
February 15, 2010

This is the official start of the challenge. We will take sign ups for authors, betas, and artists at this time. This is not an official commitment. If, for some reason, you cannot participate/need to drop out, you may do so. However, we do hope that those who do sign up are going to participate.

At this point, writers may begin writing up their fiction.

ETA: I've put up sign ups a little early. This means prelim sign ups will get a little extra time, and authors will have a little extra time on their rough drafts. Win/win?

Preliminary Sign Ups (for authors) Close
March 1, 2010

Sign Ups for authors only end. We will take no more author sign ups after this point. Sign ups for artists and betas will continue. If you are an author, and you missed the preliminary sign ups, don't worry. When official sign ups go up you may sign up then.

Official Sign Ups open
May 15, 2010

For authors, this is when we'd like you to send us a complete draft of your fanfiction. In addition, we'd like a short summary of your story, with some information about the pairings, rating, and the plot. Note: This is NOT the final due date. You have until August to finish your fic and get it beta'd. However, this is when you can see your progress and determine whether you're going to officially participate (i.e. have enough already written to meet the minimum word count).

For traditional artists, this is when we'd like you to tell us officially which pairings and ratings you're willing to illustrate, as well as how many fanarts you are willing to provide. This is so that we can send you anonymous synopses of the fanfics that match, from which you tell us (in order of preference) which you'd like to illustrate. We'll do our best to match everyone as well as we can, but we do welcome open-minded people in this case.

If you're doing graphics/fanxmix/video, you'll tell us how many you're willing to provide and any pairings that you refuse to work with.

At this time, we'll close the preliminary artist sign-ups and beta sign-ups. Everything will be official from here on out!

Official Sign Ups Close
June 1, 2010

For authors, if you do not formally sign up by this date (including providing a complete draft of your fanfiction), your fiction will not qualify for accompanying art, and may not be included in the archive.

Any artists who do not sign up at this point may still be called in to pinch hit if necessary.

Artist Assignments sent out
June 7, 2010

All artists will have received confirmation of the fanfiction that they will be creating art for by this time.

The Final Deadline
August 30, 2010

All completed artwork and fanfiction must be e-mailed to the moderators by midnight GMT.

Archive Goes Live
September 5, 2010

If all goes well, the official archive for the big bang challenge should go live. After this point, you may post your fanfiction where ever you'd like. And we can all gush over the archive and all the hard work that went into the art and fiction created. *thumbs up*
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