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Big Bang Fanfiction ala the Warrior Princess
8th-Feb-2010 01:39 pm
Rules for participants in the Xena Big Bang Challenge
Last amendment: 2010 Round

First, you, as a participant (whether it be as a writer, an artist, or a beta reader) are responsible for reading and understanding these rules. Should any infractions occur, not knowing/understand these simple rules will not be a valid excuse. Should you have any questions regarding the rules, an suggestions, or require clarification do not hesitate to ask. Finally, these rules are here not to impede upon creativity or to create some sort of dictatorship within the community. They are here for order, for safety, and for your benefit. Please keep this in mind.

1. All fiction created for this community must include, in some way, a character or characters from the Xenaverse. Aside from this, there is very little that will restrict writers. If you so choose, you can write an AU where Xena dies in a fierce battle only to be reincarnated into the body of the premiere ballet dancer in the Australian ballet in 2020 dancing the lead in Swan Lake with Autolycus as her partner.

In short, aside from including, in some way, the Xenaverse (which shouldn't be too difficult), the subject matter included in the fiction is up to the discretion of the author. The only thing not allowed is RPF (real person fiction). This is a community based off a TV show and fictional characters. It is in no way affiliated with the actors of the show.

2. All pairings are allowed. There will be absolutely no pairing bashing allowed in this community. If you do not like Ares/Xena for whatever reason, then keep it to yourself. The same goes for all pairings. All criticism of fic must be constructive, and that does not mean you are allowed to tell someone that they are delusional for pairing Borias with Joxer. You are allowed your opinion, and you are allowed to disagree with a pairing. You are not, however, allowed to alienate, insult, and demean any person in this challenge for their work.

3. The minimum word count for this challenge is 15, 000 words. All fiction created for this community must meet that word count. It may, however, go over the minimum. Fiction created must also be originally created for this challenge. Pre-existing WsIP may be included at the discretion of the moderators. In roder for your fiction to qualify for the second phase (and to be included in the challenge), it must be 15, 000+ words, completed, and created specifically for this challenge.

4. Preliminary sign ups do not bind you into a contract. You may pull out. The Prelim sign ups are only to get the initial list of people who believe they can write 15,000 words in the time given. Prelim sign ups are only your agreement to try and write up a 15, 000 word rough draft by the deadline given. Second Phase sign ups, however, are your written agreement that you have COMPLETED a rough draft, and are on your way to a finished piece of fanfiction. Committing to the second phase makes you eligible for an artist and a beta reader.

5. All fiction, even in the rough draft state, must contain proper warnings. Any kinks, squicks, trigger material, or material not suited for those under age must be warned for. Any fanfiction that does not comply with this rule will not be eligible for this challenge.

6. Fics and accompanying visual and multimedia works will be the property of the archive for the initial posting period. This means you can't post your fic to your own website or LJ until the challenge ends, and you also can't post pieces of it as you go. No one but your betas and others within the fest as needed should see it before it goes live, and then it will be exclusive to the archive until the end date of the challenge. This doesn't mean it isn't your work, and we'll post them with your name on them, but we'll have exclusive posting rights for that period. After the challenge has ended, however, you are free to post your fiction where ever you like.

7. Fics will be posted with accompanying art, though what constitutes artwork will be variable, and may be comprised of one or more of a number of media. Some examples include traditional drawings and paintings (created using traditional or digital methods), graphic art (manips, for instance), vids, soundtracks, photography, or any other art approach our artists want to use. In short, the artist may use whatever art form they choose to illustrate the fic. If any problems with the artwork arise (i.e. your fiction is about how Gabrielle and Eli ran off to get hitched together and are now running a hospice in Rome and your artist comes up with a sketch of Xena fishing) it will be dealt with by the moderators. Artists may be asked to revise if their work does not fit the tone/plot/etc of the story they have been assigned.

8. You have committed to a deadline. As a participant, we are not asking the impossible of you. As has been said, you are not setting your story in stone by signing up originally. If you drop out before the second phase, just inform a mod. No harm, no foul. If you want to be part of the second phase, but you need a couple days extra, talk to a mod. Things happen, and sometimes deadlines can't be met. We are willing to give extensions. Furthermore, should you happen to be part of the second phase (writers who have finished a rough draft, artists, and beta readers), it is even more important that you contact a mod immediately if any issues arise.

9. Moderators reserve the right to modify and add to this list as necessary. Any changes will be made known to the members of the challenge.
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